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Zarco 66

Hurricane Car Wash

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State-of-the-Art Car Washes – Many of our store locations have a state-of-the art carwash that feature a long wash, a spotless rinse and a hot wax to protect your car’s finish.



Fundraisers – We also assist nonprofit groups with car wash fundraisers. Contact us to learn more!




Hurricane Elite Club Banner

Welcome to the club.


The Hurricane Elite Wash Club allows you to wash your car unlimited times per month for one low monthly fee.

Protect your car’s finish, and keep your car sparkling clean every day out of the year.


Signing up is easy. Click the “Sign Up” tab below:

Sign Up


After you create your account, make sure to print the application receipt.

Bring the receipt to 1500 E 23rd St. and see one of our friendly staff.

We will install your Elite Club Member pass to your windshield. It will automatically start your car wash as you approach the entrance.




If you have questions about the Hurricane Elite Wash Club, please see our Hurricane Elite Wash Club FAQ and the Terms and Conditions, or email us at